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About Us

What is Lake Time you ask?  Lake Time is not a time, but a state of mind – or an absence of time.  Eat when you are hungry. Sleep when you are tired.  Fish, swim, read a great book, and enjoy the sunshine when you please.  Naps are encouraged. Friends and family are welcome.  Nature is embraced.  That is Lake Time.

Two moves in ten months,  a job elimination and raising two pre-teen daughters all led to the birth of Lake Time Brewery.  These experiences taught a family to remain positive and cherish the simple things in life – time with family and friends around a campfire, fishing, sunning on the beach, floating around the lake on a pontoon.  It was during this time, Bob decided to follow his true passion (and what all his friends and family had been begging him to do) –  brew great craft beer. 


Our mission is to brew great craft beer that you can enjoy anytime…not just on Lake Time.  Let us help you bring that moment home every day.  Enjoy Lake Time…now!

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