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Lake Time Beers Now Available for Distribution!

Lake Time Brewery has been featured in numerous industry publications including Brewery Magazine, Brew Your Own and Perfect Pour. Online reviews consistently rank Lake Time Brewery high on the list of Iowa craft brewers, and ask for where the beer can be bought across the state. Call us today to find out how you can get any of our crowd favorites, or pre-order other beers entering production this summer!


Now with a devoted following of craft beer enthusiasts, Lake Time has expanded to a new production facility and hired a professional brewer from Spokane, Washington. Brandon Nelson brings years of production brewery experience to Lake Time Brewery production operations.  

  • Four 30 bbl fermentors

  • 15 bbl brewhouse

  • 5 bbl system for specialty/test batches

  • Extensive barrel aging program

  • Canning line that packages 35 cans/minute

Our mission is to make great craft beer and make it available to our customers when they want it, not just when our taproom is open. 


Flagship Brews
Peanut Butter Porter

Specialty Porter - IBU: 33   ABV: 5.2


The peanut butter cup has been a delicious confectionary treat for years. Our brew combines that creamy chocolate peanut butter flavor with a robust porter. This begs the question: how did we get the peanut butter into the beer? All we'll tell you is: real peanuts were used and we went nuts perfecting it!

Oreo Speedwagon

Chocolate Vanilla Milk Stout - IBU: 26   ABV: 5.6


You can't fight the feeling of sweet chocolate with a hint of vanilla in this silky smooth chocolate vanilla milk stout. It’s sure to leave you warm on one lonely night. We’re sure you’ll keep on loving it and won’t want to let it go!

Haze of Our Lives

NE IPA - IBU: 28   ABV: 6.8


Like sands through the hourglass the 'haze craze' has cascaded into Iowa. This highly turbid IPA is bursting with aromas of strawberry, melon, lychee, stone fruit, and citrus. A massive dry hopping is combined with an opaque look and cloying-sweet finish creating a truly hazy IPA. This beer features hop complexities as deep as your favorite soap opera, certain to be guilty pleasure for all.

Lake Lap

Pale Ale - IBU: 55   ABV: 4.4


It is our honor to present Lake Lap Pale Ale; a playful, artistic blend of Citra and Mosaic hops. The resulting brew features a light caramel body that highlights hop flavors reminiscent of tangerine, fresh spring-bloom flowers, citrus, and pine. All of which coalesce to take us back to the carefree spring days of our past. This is a brew that both Pale Ale and IPA fans with truly enjoy. 

Main Squeeze 

Lemon Weissbier - IBU: 13   ABV: 4.2


"Weiss" is the German word for white and generally refers to the bright yellowish white color of their flavorful wheat-based brew. We then enhanced this beer with lemon zest to make it a truly refreshing experience. Besides, what could be more perfect than enjoying a lovely afternoon with your Main Squeeze?     

Sandy Bottoms

American Wheat - IBU: 19   ABV: 5.4


Our American wheat is a great thirst quenching session beer. True to style, it pours with a dense head of foam and exhibits slight haziness. Brewed with valencia orange peel, it is fragrant and fruity while remaining balanced with a hint of hallertau hops. It's far from your plain ordinary light beer.  

Iowa Nice

Light Lager - IBU: 11   ABV: 4.7


As dependable as your best friend, this light lager will never dissapoint. Brewed with two-row and pilsner malt, its crips clean taste and refreshing finish will remind you just how nice it is to enjoy a beer surrounded by the ones that make you smile the most. 

Anchors Aweigh

Imperial Stout - IBU: 43   ABV: 9.5


Coming in at a whopping 9.5% abv, this is not a session ale. It's a BIG beer, perfect for sipping anytime you want a bold beer that warms you from the inside. Nearly black in color, the roasted malts and dark chocolate accent the dark plum and date fruit complexity to make our Anchors Aweigh Imperial Stout a most memorable beer.

Limited Releases
One Tough Cookie

Imperial Oatmeal Stout - IBU: 22   ABV: 8.5


Take local fresh monster cookies from Cookies Etc. & add them to the mash. Then load it with more oats than a Quaker farm. This bold rich oatmeal stout is layered with flavors. Caramel: check. Chocolate: check. Brown sugar: check. Peanut butter: check. Who says you can't have it all? And at 8.5%, this is one tough cookie..

Imperial Peanut Putter

Imperial Stout - IBU: 50   ABV: 9.5


The peanut butter cup has been a delicious confectionary treat for years. Our brew combines that creamy chocolate peanut butter flavor with a malty robust porter. This begs the question: how did we get the peanut butter into the beer? All we’ll tell you is: real peanuts were used and we went nuts perfecting it!


Cream Ale - IBU: 11   ABV: 5.3


This american cream ale was brewed with over a pound of rainbow sprinkles per barrel. Layered with the smooth flavors of sweet malts & lactose sugar, we combined it with the decadent cream of a specialty yeast before topping it with vanilla for frosting. Who says you can’t have your cake and drink it too?

Adult Decisions

Imperial IPA - IBU: 50   ABV: 10


Some decisions are easy, like drinking this IIPA.  Some decisions are hard, like which hops to use - so we used them all.  This classic Imperial IPA is bursting with hops - a complex variety of six different hops and a double dry-hopped addition. Led by an aroma of lemon, orange-citrus and pine, this classic northwest flavor continues with bold hop flavors & a slightly sweet malty finish.

Cappucino Stout

English Style Stout - IBU: 26   ABV: 5.6


Brew: a word shared by brewers & baristas; a combo of the two makes perfect sense. Pouring a deep Espresso color, this english style stout is dominated by the aroma of roasted Arabica coffee from our friends at Cabin Coffee. Flavors of dark chocolate, vanilla & sweet cream  create a unique depth of decadent tastes. Brew & friends – the perfect blend.

Cabana Boy

Blueberry Ale - IBU: 18   ABV: 3.5


This refreshingly delicious light cream ale is infused with an abundance of freshly picked blueberries. Its crisp aroma pairs perfectly with the delicate tartness of the berries to not only awaken your taste buds, but most likely invoke dreams of a warm summer day & fantasies of your very own cabana boy.

Mexican Lime 

Lager - IBU: 11   ABV: 6.1


To get you in the mood for Cinco de Mayo, we made a Mexican style lime lager. Brewed with dried lime peels and blue agave syrup imported from Mexico. It’s the perfect combination of tartness from the lime and sweetness from the agave, balanced with a crisp lager yeast.  This beer will have you saying ‘Ay, Caramba’ in no time!

Viking Fuel

Double IPA - IBU: 42   ABV: 7.8


Although bold & brave, like the Vikings who felt the lure of adventure in foreign lands, this double dry-hopped Double IPA is extremely approachable & worth exploring. We tactically paired flavors of orange & mango with the right amount of pineapple to raid your tastebuds, leaving you defenseless & fueling your thirst for more. 

Billy's Reef

Black Lager - IBU: 23   ABV: 5.5


Just like the gold deposits of a black reef formation in the sea, this black lager is smooth with undertows of light caramel & toffee. It finishes crisp & clean without any bitterness, allowing you to dive right back in for a second sip of its sweet complexities & malty depth.

Naughty Girl

Winter Spiced Lager - IBU: 31   ABV: 6.6


Feeling spicy? This beer is a masterful mix of medium caramel malt accented with light touches of orange, ginger, and cinnamon. Think toffee with candied oranges and ginger snaps. We are not responsible for the effect our naughty girl will have on you.

Barrel Aged
French Connection

Chardonnay Barrel Aged Saison - ABV: 5.9


Brewed with a French/Belgian hybrid yeast & aged in a French oak chardonnay barrel, this beer pours abeautiful golden-straw color with aromas of white grape, apple & oak. Its sweet notes of honey & wheat combine with tart fruit & an oak finish. The perfect marriage for both wine & beer lovers.