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Not sure which of our flavors is for you? Pick any four of our craft beers to taste from lightest to darkest to appreciate the nuances of our ales before your palate is blown away by our more intense and flavorful dark beers. Or let us pour you a perfect pint to enjoy in our cozy brewery atmosphere. Then take home a Boston Round or Growler of your favorite flavor from our menu below.

Year Round Favorites
Sandy Bottoms

American Wheat - IBU: 19   ABV: 5.4


Our American wheat is a great thirst quenching session beer. True to style, it pours with a dense head of foam and exhibits slight haziness. Brewed with valencia orange peel, it is fragrant and fruity while remaining balanced with a hint of hallertau hops. It's far from your plain ordinary light beer.  

Chasing Sunsets 

Amber Ale - IBU: 11   ABV: 5.2


This smooth, classic amber ale is a real crowd-pleaser. It pours a dazeling amber color with just enough El Dorado hops to complement the full malt flavor, creating a well-balnced ale. There's a full serving of sunset in every glass.

Iowa Nice

Light Lager - IBU: 11   ABV: 4.7


As dependable as your best friend, this light lager will never dissapoint. Brewed with two-row and pilsner malt, its crips clean taste and refreshing finish will remind you just how nice it is to enjoy a beer surrounded by the ones that make you smile the most. 

Lake Lap

Pale Ale - IBU: 55   ABV: 4.4


It is our honor to present Lake Lap Pale Ale; a playful, artistic blend of Citra and Mosaic hops. The resulting brew features a light caramel body that highlights hop flavors reminiscent of tangerine, fresh spring-bloom flowers, citrus, and pine. All of which coalesce to take us back to the carefree spring days of our past. This is a brew that both Pale Ale and IPA fans with truly enjoy. 

Main Squeeze 

Lemon Weissbier - IBU: 13   ABV: 4.2


"Weiss" is the German word for white and generally refers to the bright yellowish white color of their flavorful wheat-based brew. We then enhanced this beer with lemon zest to make it a truly refreshing experience. Besides, what could be more perfect than enjoying a lovely afternoon with your Main Squeeze?     

Park Bench

Porter - IBU: 58   ABV: 6.1


Here's a beer brimming with character for those who enjoy a malty full-bodied beer. It pours a dark brown, nearly black, with a cappuccino colored thick, frothy head. Breathe in and enjoy its candy sweet aromas of molasses, roasted marshmallows, toffee and fudge. Savor its robust flavor that finishes with notes of chocolate and roasted nuts. It's easy to drink and features a great aftertaste that makes you want a second taste.

Peanut Butter Porter

Specialty Porter - IBU: 33   ABV: 5.2


The peanut butter cup has been a delicious confectionary treat for years. Our brew combines that creamy chocolate peanut butter flavor with a robust porter. This begs the question: how did we get the peanut butter into the beer? All we'll tell you is: real peanuts were used and we went nuts perfecting it!

Rusty Rudder

Brown Ale - IBU: 17   ABV: 5.7


Rusty Rudder Brown Ale is a big, round, flavorful take on the style for those looking for a full flavor beer that is still relatively light in body. We make it with dark coffee/chocolate roasted malts, which makes it quite dark for a brown ale. Enough hops balance the malts and make this an easy drinker.

Wheat Sucks

Gluten Reduced Ale -  IBU: 19   ABV: 4.1


Our gluten reduced ale is made using a commercially available product that drops the gluten protein out of th beer during fermentation. As a new style to the craft beer scene, gluten free beers are quickly evolving. It even has our most seasond beer drinkers ask, "THIS is gluten free?" Available only in the taproom.

Anchors Aweigh

Imperial Stout - IBU: 43   ABV: 9.5


Coming in at a whopping 9.5% abv, this is not a session ale. It's a BIG beer, perfect for sipping anytime you want a bold beer that warms you from the inside. Nearly black in color, the roasted malts and dark chocolate accent the dark plum and date fruit complexity to make our Anchors Aweigh Imperial Stout a most memorable beer.

Fifty Shades of Red

Irish Red - IBU: 15   ABV: 5.4


To get you in the mood for St. Paddy's Day we're releasing an Irish Red Ale. This malt heavy brew is filled with honey, caramel, and toffee, flavors. Then rounded out with a touch of English Fuggles hops for a delicate earthy floral finish. A beer to be enjoyed by all; from a shy literature student, to a tormented billionare.

Billy's Black Lager

Black Lager - IBU: 23   ABV: 5.5


This beer originated from a request from a loyal Lake Time patron. While nearly black in color this beer is smooth with light carmel and toffee notes. It finishes crisp and clean like a lager should without leaving any bitterness in the mouth. This allows you to go right back in for a second sip and enjoy the sweet complexity of the depth of malts we used.

Cabana Boy

Blueberry Ale - IBU: 18   ABV: 3.5


This light cream ale is offset with the delicate tartness of fresh picked blueberries. We believe this tasty combination is not only refreshingly delicious, but very likely to invoke daydreams of summer and possibly even fantasies of your own Cabana Boy.

Coconut Porter

Specialty Porter - IBU: 33   ABV: 5.2


This is a more approachable porter, with robust flavors and unforgiving amount of coconut. Made with all natural hand toasted coconuts it begins with a sweet coconut aroma. The smell then gives way to dark chocolate and roasted notes. The added oats finish with a plleasently silky mouthfeel. A few of these and you'll be napping in a hammock in no time.

Coffee Porter

Specialty Porter - IBU: 39   ABV: 5.2

An old proverb states that a stopped clock is right twice a day. Our 8:08 coffee ale is the right choice no matter what time of day – it can wake you up in the morning or keep you up at night. Our brewer utilizes chocolate and medium caramel malts to provide the tasty compliment for a proprietary blend of coffees. Forget that meaningless AM or PM detail; if the current time is within six hours of 8:08, it's time for a beer!

Is This Hefen?

Hefewiesen - IBU: 16   ABV: 5.3


This divine, refreshing beer serves as the perfect thirst quencher. 'Is this Hefen?' showcases a celestial mix of wheat and pale malt that is ever so delicate on the palate Each glass features the true to style radiant gold body and fluffy white head. After on sip you'll ask, "Is this heaven?" No. It's Lake Time.

Naughty Girl

Winter Spiced Lager - IBU: 31   ABV: 6.6


Feeling spicy? This beer is a masterful mix of medium caramel malt accented with light touches of orange, ginger, and cinnamon. Think toffee with candied oranges and ginger snaps. We are not responsible for the effect our naughty girl will have on you.


Vienna Lager - IBU: 17   ABV: 4.6


We’ve had many ask us to brew an Oktoberfest, so we delivered. This is a tribute to the captian of our ship, Bob, and his favorite season. Fall is the time of year for watching football, hunting, and drinking malty German beers. On a good day, you should do all three. True to form, our Oktoberfest is all about the malt; featuring tasty layers of rich complexities that unfold on your pallet. Balanced with a noble hop bitterness, rooted in the heart of Bavaria. This delicious style of beer will have you shouting “Prost" in no time.

Oreo Speedwagon

Chocolate Vanilla Milk Stout - IBU: 26   ABV: 5.6


You can't fight the feeling of sweet chocolate with a hint of vanilla in this silky smooth chocolate vanilla milk stout. It’s sure to leave you warm on one lonely night. We’re sure you’ll keep on loving it and won’t want to let it go!

Baltic Storm

Baltic Porter - IBU: 30   ABV: 10.8


A style born to keep mariners warm while crossing the cold Baltic Sea. This sweet yet robust porter pours a beautiful cocoa-color. The aroma leads with that of dark fruits like dates and plums. Then follows a wave of velvety smooth tastes: dark chocolate, espresso and hazelnut. This brew is sure to keep any traveler warm on their voyage.

Propeller IPA Series
Haze of Our Lives

NE IPA - IBU: 28   ABV: 6.8


Like sands through the hourglass the 'haze craze' has cascaded into Iowa. This highly turbid IPA is bursting with aromas of strawberry, melon, lychee, stone fruit, and citrus. A massive dry hopping is combined with an opaque look and cloying-sweet finish creating a truly hazy IPA. This beer features hop complexities as deep as your favorite soap opera, certain to be guilty pleasure for all.

Triple Double

NE Double IPA - IBU: 62   ABV: 7.5


Our take on a New England IPA, the Lake Time Triple Double. The first double is the 7.5% Double IPA; with loads of wheat for a well balanced mouth feel this is a truly hazy IPA. The second double is the double dry hopped with Vic's Secret and Mosaic hops; they bring forward aromas of pineapple, citrus, grapefruit and papaya. The third double is the double yeast pitch; to different strains of yeast blended seamlessly together to give the Triple Double a depth of flavor not found in any other IPA.

Viking Fuel

Double IPA - IBU: 42   ABV: 7.8


Although bold & brave, like the Vikings who felt the lure of adventure in foreign lands, this double dry-hopped Double IPA is extremely approachable & worth exploring. We tactically paired flavors of orange & mango with the right amount of pineapple to raid your tastebuds, leaving you defenseless & fueling your thirst for more. 

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